Our audience is often curious about band’s creation story and wants to know more about the artistic journeys of its members.

The basis of Bravo Metehi is unconditional love for music.
The story begins in a small Georgian town — Kutaisi, where band members were then students of the Musical College named after Meliton Balanchivadze. The future artists performed together in the incredible vocal school choir under the guidance of Irina Lominadze.

After successful graduation, the young people set off to conquer Tbilisi by themselves, not knowing that fate would again unite their talents into a single whole. The band was created in 2004 on the initiative of Nodar Kheladze and it turned out to be a team of the artists truly devoted to music, who had already gone a long way together.

The name of the group is Bravo Metehi. This name does not have any direct translation, but has a hidden meaning in honour of a great national shrine of Georgia. Metekhi is considered to be one of the earliest inhabited areas of Tbilisi and it is truly sacred and special place. Metekhi Cathedral is situated in this area, with a monument to the great king Vakhtang Gorgosali standing in front of it. This temple’s story is tough: it has been almost destroyed several times and still it has survived to this day. Yet it has not only a great historical value, but it is also a holy place for Orthodox Christians because of the first Georgian martyress — Shushanik was laid to rest there. This woman was forced to recant her faith, but she chose death over betrayal.
During the formation of the group, the frontman and composer of many hits Giorgi Rukhadze created his own unique genre of performance — it includes a synthesis of folklore, urban modern style and elements of pop music. The performers owe their popularity to the hit "My Fairy", released in 2013 (author and performer Georgi Rukhadze).
After an incredible triumph, the composer literally released hit after hit, and just a year later, in 2014, the first album was created.

Today the team consists of 7 people:
During the years of active work in Georgia, Bravo Metehi received many awards — the Mega award in several categories, the Best Song of the Year (Ranina) and the Best Group of the Year, awarded by Fortuna radio holding.

The geography of performances is extensive. The lists of concerts include many countries in Europe and Asia: the UAE, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, etc.

By 2018, the team had reached the peak of popularity in Georgia, and the artists agreed to expand the boundaries of performances. Bravo Metehi decided to move to Moscow. But just 1 year later a pandemic came and plans went awry.

However, dedication to their work and music helped the group in these challenging times. Never losing faith in themselves, Bravo Metehi created a music studio in a small 2-room apartment, where they worked day and night. Thanks to the idea of Roman Sanadze, the guys came up with a new performance format — covers. They managed to create an absolutely unique product — songs of "fraternal peoples" on behalf of the Georgian peoples. These genuine and exceptional songs helped artists to earn recognition as "ambassadors of the world" because fraternal songs are heard in different languages, in different parts of the country and abroad.

One of the absolute favourites is the song "Lullabies of Georgia". It is admired by all people and nationalities, regardless of their background or native language. This song was written after 2 years of living in Moscow, and this is an ode to dearest memories from childhood, an ode to love for Motherland, love for Georgia. It is full of emotions and feelings that does not leave anyone indifferent, it touches the hearts of all! Everyone who has heard the Lullaby at least once remains in love with it forever. This song instantly became a hit and it literally was heard everywhere — in cars, buses, shops, restaurants. In addition, "Lullaby" accompanies the delegation of Georgian athletes at major competitions not only within the country, but also in the international arena.

Over the years of creativity in the capital of Russia, Bravo Metehi performed at various festivals, participated in television programs on federal channels — "Privet, Andrey" with Andrey Malakhov on the channel Russia 1, the Shabolovka 37 club with Vadim Eilenkrig, on the SPAS channel with a national artist Gia Gagua, in the New Year’s "Goluboy Ogonek" on the First Channel with Soso Pavliashvili, on a program in honour of the legendary Irina Ponarovskaya. The members of the group twice became residents of the Comedy Club, participated in Viktor Drobysh’s big concert "Budut Vse" at the VTB Arena — the list of the team’s merits is impressive.

The first solo concert in Moscow took place in the Mir concert hall — and this, of course, is only the beginning of the journey. A solo concert in the Republic of Belarus was also a full house.

Now songs in Russian are gradually appearing in the group’s repertoire. The group has existed without any producers, sponsors and PR campaigns for more than 17 years. All these years the band earns recognition and devotion of the audience just with creativity and talent, and in return receives love, happy eyes, tears of joy and loud applause from the audience and this is the biggest prize of all.
Vladimir Filatkin
Zurab Kavteladze
1st voice, flute
Roman Sanodze
2nd voice, soloist, acoustic guitar, producer
Giorgi Rukhadze
composer and songwriter, 2nd voice, soloist
Bondo Gumberidze
1st voice, vocalist
Ramazi Dagundaridze
2nd voice, soloist, baritone, choirmaster, conductor
Tornike Berekashvili
bass, bass guitarist
Nodar Heladze
choirmaster, folklorist, baritone, arranger